Welcome to the Strawbridge Elementary School PTA website! Thank you for visiting. We hope you find useful information here with which to navigate each school year. As always, we thank you for your comments and suggestions; they help us reach our goals and maintain the best site possible to meet our school community’s needs.

Who/What is the PTA?

“Parent-Teacher Association” and “PTA” are registered service marks of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers (National PTA). Only those groups chartered by the New Jersey State PTA are entitled to use the name “PTA”. Strawbridge Elementary School PTA is a local unit made up of parents, teachers, administrators, local business owners, etc. who wish to participate in the overall development of the children in our community.

All of the schools within the Haddon Township School District are part of the Haddon Township Community which encompasses five elementary schools (pre-K – 5), one Middle school (6 – 8), and one High School (9 – 12) in addition to many wonderful businesses and a fully functional up-to-date William G. Rohrer Memorial Library, a branch of the Camden County Library.

Here at Strawbridge Elementary School, we are dedicated to working in cooperation with our teachers, administration, and parents in order to provide high-quality cultural arts and enrichment programs to our school community.  Each year, we fundraise just enough in order to bring great programs to our school like Living History, Read Across America Challenge, Assemblies, Class Field Trips, 4th and 5th Grade Talent Show, and end-of-the-year Splash Parties. We also host evening programs like Family Fun Nights, Skate Nights, and TV Turn-Off to promote family togetherness. Every fundraising event we run, including the big Fall Fair, KidStuff Coupon Book, Scholastic Book Fair, and Springtime Plant Sale, have all been extremely successful thanks to our volunteers and families who support them.

In addition to traditional fundraisers, we have a strong dedication to running no-extra-cost fundraisers like Box Tops, Scrip gift cards, Westmont Thriftway receipts, and Target REDcard “Take Charge of Education” program, which donate a percentage of sales to our school on purchases we make on a regular basis. We enthusiastically encourage our Strawbridge families to participate. It is amazing how these everyday fundraiser donations add up, so feel free to invite additional family members, grandparents, neighbors, friends to do the same.

The Strawbridge PTA also runs the school Library and we invite all parents to volunteer as guest Librarians. We are currently planning service projects for the spring like our yearly Bagged Lunch Night for New Visions Day Shelter in Camden, and we will continue to support new families through our New Family Welcome program. As you will see very soon, we are planning many exciting programs for the coming school year!

Please keep updated throughout the year by reading our “Week at a Glance” President’s Messages, where we will give you the latest information about activities and events going on at Strawbridge.

We hope to see all of you at our PTA meetings.  We would love to see you all, but we do understand that there are those of you who can not make the meetings due to other commitments. As an added feature we’ve included Monthly Meeting Minutes to this site to accommodate those of you who are unable to attend. Our hope is reach out to everyone – if not in person, then on this page.

All of the Officers are proud to be your elected representatives. We welcome your suggestions and ideas. If you would like to contact any of us, you may call us by phone via the numbers on the Officers page, or via email from the Student Directory which will be available in early fall. We promise to get back to you in as timely a manner as possible.

Thank you for visiting the Strawbridge PTA website. We hope to see you again soon!